Global Head of Forensics Relocating to Singapore

Global Head of Forensics Relocating to Singapore

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In recognition of the significance of Asia as a hub for international litigation and arbitration, Law In Order is relocating our Global Head of Forensics, Erick Gunawan, to our Singapore office.

The International Chamber of Commerce Singapore Arbitration Group was set up last year with a mandate to raise the profile of Singapore as a hub for international arbitration and dispute resolution.

“We anticipate that Singapore in particular and the region as a whole will continue to attract an increasing number of international cases of note, so being based in Singapore makes sense from a client service perspective,” Erick Gunawan said.

Erick is a legal technology expert with over fifteen years’ experience in providing consultancies in the area of information governance and forensic technology, including digital forensics, ediscovery, and audio and document reviews. He has also provided consultancies in complex litigation including preservation, collection, production and remediation of data throughout the litigation life cycle.

Erick provides a leadership role in developing the firm’s managed eDiscovery services, strategic design and implementation of information governance, defensible digital forensics, dawn raid preparation services and effective eDiscovery processes.

He has recently led forensic collections in Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam and China, as well as Australia.

“Having Erick in Singapore allows us to respond even faster when clients require specialist advice and customised solutions on issues such as forensics, information governance and eDiscovery. This creates significant efficiencies leading to time and cost savings,” Paul Gooderick, Director at Law In Order said.

Law In Order has grown to be the largest legal services provider in Asia Pacific, with more than 470 personnel across seven offices. The eDiscovery Consulting team is the largest in Asia, with more than 50 eDiscovery analysts and Consultants, and has been involved in disclosures and production work in multinational transactions and complex cross border disputes.

Erick has extensive experience in managing cross border engagements. Before joining Law In Order he spent time in the New York office of a law firm in the United States and a big four accountancy firm.

He has a Bachelor of Computer Science from Macquarie University and hold various computer forensics and ediscovery accreditations.


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