Working From Home? We Can Help.

Working From Home? We Can Help.

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Working from home or remotely can present legal teams with several challenges, particularly around data collection, document production, document review, or running arbitrations. You may have limited access to paralegal support and large-scale printing resources; have key team members working internationally; or must postpone or relocate an upcoming arbitration.

Law In Order’s global eDiscovery, Forensics and eHearings teams can help:

  • Data Collection services: Our Digital Forensics specialists collect data from sources including hard drives, mobile phones, laptops, file servers and cloud based repositories, throughout the APAC region. Assisted self-collection using pre-configured devices and other remote collection services can be made available as needed.
  • Chronologically order and manually hyperlink electronic documents: We can order, deduplicate and filter electronic data and provide it to you in a hyperlinked list or index, for speedy retrieval of information you can access anywhere.
  • Collaborate with your team, and review documents from anywhere with Relativity: Relativity allows you to access your documents wherever you have an internet connection. Collaborate with multiple parties, track activities related to the case (including time sheets, documents reviewed, and more), and delegate tasks to your team, all within a secure web-based platform.  
  • ‚ÄčRemote virtual arbitrations: Our eHearings team, in a world first, recently ran a virtual arbitration comprised of Remote Real-Time Tanscription and Remote Evidence Presentation, with participants from 10 cities throughout Australia, Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Our team of experts will customise data collection, document review, and eHearings solutions tailored to your requirements. To find out more about how we can support you and your team please contact us.

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